Are there any bike safety laws in Japan?

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August 3, 2017
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August 10, 2017
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Japanese law mandates that certain safety equipment should be prepared before riding a bike in Japan. Neglecting to use headlights on a bicycle between sunset and sunrise could result in a fine up to 50,000 yen.  Also, children should always have a helmet, whether they are driving the bike or merely riding in the back seat.

There are some activities that should not be conducted while riding a bicycle and if you get caught breaking any of the following rules while riding a bike, it could lead to a fine of 50,000 yen.  You should not hold an umbrella or other object that might obstruct your vision or cause you to lose control of the bike.  Using a cell phone, or any cell-phone related equipment, while riding a bike is prohibited.  Furthermore, riding on a bike while using headphones or audio system that could prevent you from hearing a police or ambulance siren is not allowed.

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