Portrait of Nozomu Ohara
Portrait of Tomoyoshi Furukawa

Nozomu Ohara

Managing Partner

Mr. Ohara used his strong background in international family law to establish himself as a leading figure consulting on Japan’s implementation of the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction. He also has used his expertise in intellectual property and other law practices to set up Ohara & Furukawa as a pillar of the Kansai legal community.

Tomoyoshi Furukawa


Tomoyoshi Furukawa joined Ohara & Furukawa in 2004 and serves as Ohara & Furukawa’s senior associate. Admitted as a lawyer in both New York and Japan, his practice focuses mainly on corporate, commercial transactions, and intellectual property law, as well as helping Japanese clients do business overseas. Tomoyoshi is fluent in English and routinely drafts commercial contracts in both English and Japanese.

John Marrese

Foreign Associate

John serves as the firm’s foreign legal associate and works on matters relating to corporate law, commercial transactions, international contracts, international civil disputes, and Japanese – English translation & interpretation. As an Ontario licensed lawyer, John also advises on matters relating to Canadian law.

Takako Mishima


Takako Mishima serves as an associate attorney at Ohara & Furukawa and. Admitted as a lawyer in Japan, her practice focuses on family law, personal injury, debt collection, medical malpractice, and general practice. Takako brings a wealth of experience and a unique background in pharmaceutical chemistry to her legal practice.

Yuji Asami


Yuji Asami joined Ohara & Furukawa in 2022 and serves as an associate attorney. Admitted as a lawyer in Japan, his practice focuses mainly on family law, personal injury, debt collection, and general practice. Yuji is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services to our clients.