What types of property should be registered with the Japanese government?

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May 15, 2017
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May 19, 2017
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There are three general types of registration for property in Japan.  The first is the system of registration for immovable property or real estate.  Registering ownership of real estate will clarify not only the ownership rights but also what types of rights are included in that ownership.

Second, the Japanese government also registers corporations.  This registration is a mandatory part of establishing a corporation in Japan and the records of registered corporations are open for public inspection.

Third, owners of movable property (such as products for sale or raw materials) can also register their rights with the Japanese government.  Owners of a debt or claim assignment may also register their rights under the same system.  This registration less commonly used than the first two but provides a powerful way to refute challenges to ownership by third parties.

While some of these records are accessible over the internet, and internet applications are now being accepted for registration, there still needs to be more work done to provide full internet access to these records.

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