Is it possible to work outside the scope of a Japanese visa?

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May 17, 2017
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Most Japanese visas regulate the type of work that the visa holder is allowed to engage in.  For example, a foreign resident of Japan with an Instructor visa would not normally be allowed to also have a side job as a cook.  However, by making an application to the Ministry of Justice, it may be possible to waive these restrictions.

In order to work at a job outside of his or her visa restrictions, the foreign resident must submit an application to the Ministry of Justice to engage in an activity outside of the activities authorized by his or her visa.  It should be noted that this exception is only required if the outside work is in exchange for reward or income.  Upon receipt of the application, the Ministry of Justice has the discretion to grant the request if it finds that there is no impediment to the original activities permitted under the applicant’s status of residence and the need is great enough.

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