Is there any recourse for spouses in Japan who are facing domestic violence?

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February 6, 2017
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February 10, 2017
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Domestic violence can take various forms, from physical abuse to mental abuse, and spouses who are victims of such abuse can feel as if there is nowhere to turn.  This is especially true if that spouse is a foreign national who might not have confidence in their Japanese language ability or have worries about their immigration status.  However, the Law on Prevention of Spouse Violence and Protection of Victims authorizes the Japanese government to support victims of such abuse through counseling, support and protective services. 

The Law on Prevention of Spouse Violence and Protection of Victims also covers foreign national spouses who are victims of such violence and many support groups offer help in English and other foreign languages.  In Osaka, the Osaka Women’s Shelter offers help in at least 9 languages.

When facing domestic violence it is important to know your rights and seek protection if necessary.  Furthermore, discussing the potential of divorce with an attorney can empower spouses facing domestic violence to better understand their options.

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