What does the “good conduct” requirement for permanent residence in Japan entail?

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February 3, 2017
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As part of the application to become a permanent resident of Japan, the foreign national must show that he or she is “of good conduct.”  This rather vague term covers a lot and there is a degree of subjectivity in how examiners may interpret it.  The most basic part of this requirement is following all laws and regulations in Japan but applicants should be especially careful while their application is pending in order to ensure that they have the greatest chance for meeting this requirement.

Following the law in Japan is generally not a big problem for most permanent resident applicants.  However, some applicants do not realize that the “good conduct” review will include any infractions or crimes committed during the application process so foreign nationals should be sure to be on their best behavior until the application is granted.  The most common problem associated with this requirement are traffic tickets, as a long history of traffic infringements can lead an examiner to question the “good conduct” of the applicant.

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