What kind of evidence is necessary to enforce a debt in Japan?

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May 6, 2016
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May 11, 2016
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When attempting to collect a debt in Japan it is best to assemble as much evidence of the debt as possible beforehand.  The most obvious and important evidence that should be collected are copies of invoices, bills and receipts that clearly establish the debt.   However, there are many other types of evidence that can also be of great help in successfully pursuing a debt.

Other evidence that a creditor should try to assemble before pursuing a debt include relevant copies of communication with the debtor such as emails, letters or faxes that may indicate the debtor’s acknowledgement of the debt or an agreement to pay.  Any copies of contracts, amendments or other legal paperwork related to the debt should also be collected.  Information relating to the debtor’s address and assets in Japan will also be important.  Specifically, information relating to the debtor’s bank accounts or real property in Japan will be useful if the debtor refuses to pay voluntarily.

It is advisable to contact an experienced lawyer before pursuing a debt in Japan.  If you have any questions about enforcing a debt in Japan, please contact our office to set up a legal consultation.