How is arbitration similar to litigation?

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While arbitration provides a cost effective and faster alternative to filing a lawsuit in court, there are some similarities between the two systems.  Two of the biggest similarities are the way notice is served and the participation of expert witnesses.

Notice for arbitration proceedings is served in much the same manner as a court case.  Notice can be given either by personally delivering it to the other party or by mailing it to their home or business address.  Additionally, in some cases a court may help in the serving of process for an arbitration.

Furthermore, expert witnesses are utilized in arbitration in a similar manner to litigation in court.  Their findings may either be reported orally or in a written statement to the arbitration panel.  A court may also be involved in helping an arbitration panel take witnesses and evidence to resolve the dispute.

These similarities make arbitration an easy choice for companies who are familiar with the rules of litigation but do not want the associated legal fees or time commitment.

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