What is required for an attorney to represent a client in Japan?

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March 3, 2017
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In order to have an attorney represent you in Japan, it is necessary to sign a power of attorney.  This power of attorney should authorize the lawyer to act as your representative in the litigation and to take all necessary measures to successfully resolve it.  The expanse of the attorney’s powers should be wide enough that he or she can act freely within the litigation but should not extend beyond the end of the case or grant powers unrelated to legal work.  As this power of attorney needs to be submitted to the court, it should be in Japanese and signed or stamped with the client’s inkan, however a Japanese translation of an English power of attorney is also acceptable.

Hiring an attorney to act as a legal representative in litigation is not necessary in Japan but it is highly recommended.  An attorney, knowledgeable in the law and familiar with court proceedings, can be a much more effective advocate than a client speaking on his or her own behalf.

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