How are points awarded for a highly skilled professional under Japan’s immigration system?

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Under Japan’s new point-based immigration preference system, points are given to highly-skilled foreigners for a variety of accomplishments.  For example, points can be awarded for having a doctorate, years of work experience, Japanese fluency, high salary and published papers among other things.  Accumulating over 70 points allows the highly-skilled foreigner to qualify for special immigration preference.

Upon obtaining 70 points or more under the new point-based preferential immigration system for highly-skilled foreigners, the highly-skilled foreigner is entitled to a variety of benefits.  In addition to a speedier path to permanent residency, the foreigner also is awarded relaxed visa restrictions regarding length of stay and permitted activities.  Furthermore, spouses of such foreigners are given legal basis to work in Japan and the parents and domestic servant of the highly skilled foreign applicant are given permission to stay in Japan.

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