What kind of government fees are required to form a company in Japan?

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August 24, 2016
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The Japanese government assesses a number of taxes and fees during the course of the establishment of a new corporation in Japan.  Some of these fees include a stamp for the articles of incorporation (approx. 30,000 JPY) and a registration license tax (150,000 JPY or 0.7% of the capital investment, whichever is higher).

There are also some other miscellaneous expenses that must be incurred during the course of the incorporation such as the notary fee for the articles of incorporation (around 50,000 JPY) and creation of an official company seal (around 10,000 JPY).

In addition, many of the documents required to be submitted as part of the incorporation process will require a fee.  It is always best to discuss with an attorney before proceeding with plans to incorporate a company.

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