If my visa application is denied, can I reapply again immediately?

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May 16, 2016
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When a visa application is denied in Japan, it means that there was some critical flaw in the application or that the applicant did not meet all the requirements for obtaining a visa.  Therefore, reapplying immediately without making any corrections or changes to the application will likely result in another denial.   Rather than immediately resubmit the same application, it is much more productive to review the denied application and attempt to fix any problems or weaknesses before resubmitting.

In fact, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs encourages applications to take time to review and correct denied applications before submitting them again.  In general, the Ministry will not accept a visa application from someone who was denied a visa within six months of the application date.  However, if the applicant still wants to apply for the same visa after six months have passed, they are free to do so.

Because of the long wait period after an application is denied, it is always best to consult with a lawyer and ensure that the first application for a visa presents the best possible chance for the applicant.  An experienced attorney can help strengthen your application and minimize the chance of a denial.  If you would like help reviewing your visa application please contact our office for a legal consultation.