Is it possible to claim lost salary from someone who negligently injures you in Japan?

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February 24, 2016
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February 24, 2016
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When calculating the damages arising from negligence, Japanese law can take into consideration damages beyond simple property damage or medical expenses. Depending on the case, these extra damages can include damages that were not directly caused by the accident but nevertheless are a result of it. For example, loss of salary due to inability to work from injuries associated with the accident can be a major component of a damages award in some cases. The damages associated with loss of income are relatively easy to prove as each missed paycheck can easily be compensated by the defendant.

If the negligence resulted in death, the liable party must compensate the father, mother and any children of the victim even if they were not directly involved or suffered no property damage themselves. These damages can be more difficult to calculate and are heavily dependent on the facts of the case. While there are some things that no amount of money can compensate, unfortunately money damages are the only remedy that courts can grant the plaintiff in these situations.

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