Dispute Resolution in Japan

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September 15, 2022
Navigating Contract Law in Japan and International Trade
May 31, 2024
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While it can’t match the drama of a judge reaching a decision after a long hard-fought trial, settlements are an efficient and relatively low-cost way to resolve disputes between parties.  Settlements allow businesses or individuals to maintain some level of control over their expenses and avoid the risky gamble of a judge’s decision.  Settlements also take effect immediately upon being approved by the court, which saves time and expense when compared to a potentially lengthy appeals process.  For these reasons, a majority of legal disputes are resolved though settlements through negotiations or mediation.  Settlements are negotiated between the parties, sometimes at the judge’s suggestion.  When an agreement is reached, both parties will appear in court to certify the settlement, although measures are available for parties that cannot appear.  Settlements can be negotiated and signed at any point in a lawsuit, from the very beginning of the dispute, all the way up until the very last appeal.

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