Do couples meet during divorce mediation in Japan?

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November 6, 2017
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A couple scheduled for divorce mediation will be given a time to report to their local family court.  Since the couple will enter mediation separately, usually the times for them to arrive will be staggered, so one spouse arrives after the other spouse has already started mediation.  This reduces the likelihood that the couple will run into each other in the family court lobby or hallway.

Once the mediators are done talking to the first spouse, usually after confirming some basic facts and the claims being made, the mediators will have the first spouse taken to a waiting room and then call the second spouse into the mediation room.  The mediators are trained to take all necessary precautions to avoid having the spouses meet.

However, as mediation can be a very lengthy and time consuming process, for spouses that want to meet together in person with the mediators, a direct mediation session between both spouses is possible as long as they can agree to such an arraignment.

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