Are there any specific subsidies for business moving to Osaka?

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September 5, 2017
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In addition to the subsidies, tax breaks and other incentive programs offered by the national Japanese government, the local Osaka prefectural government also offers programs to encourage foreign businesses to establish a presence in the prefecture.  For example, foreign businesses expanding into Osaka can get subsidies of up to 5% off purchases of land for a headquarters building or up to 1/3 off of their rent when renting.  Renovating an old factory or R&D facility can also results in a subsidy.

Tax breaks are also used to encourage new business.  Energy or life-science companies are given a tax break if they meet certain conditions, as are small businesses acquiring a factory or R&D center in Osaka.

Osaka prefecture also provides support in certain situations for foreigners filing for the cost of company registration or acquiring a business based visa.

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