Is there any way to prevent a debtor from using up all of his or her assets before he or she pays back the debt?

Is there a way to enforce a US money judgment in Japan?
February 24, 2016
Is there a way to force a debtor to pay back a debt by selling his or her property?
February 24, 2016
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Seizing a debtor’s property through compulsory execution can be one of the most efficient ways to collect on a debt that the debtor otherwise does not have the cash assets or willingness to pay. However, assembling the necessary court approval can take time, as can the actual process of seizing the property. Therefore, courts involved in enforcing a compulsory execution are vested with the power to issue restraining orders upon request to prevent the debtor from taking action to substantially reduce the value of the property before the eventual sale. This protects the value of the asset and maximizes the recoverable amount of the debt for the creditor.

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