What are the categories of objects that can receive a copyright in Japan?

Is it possible to copyright a translation or musical remix?
February 23, 2016
What types of things can be covered by copyright law?
February 23, 2016
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To be subject to copyright law and receive the protection of a copyright, an object must be part of either the literary, scientific, artistic or musical domain. Some examples of literary works include novels, poems and comedy routines. Musical works include songs but the actual lyrics themselves are classified as literary works.

In addition to these categories there are many other categories of objects that can receive a copyright. Judicial decisions on copyright law also provide guidance on what may be copyrighted and what may not so if you are concerned about what category of copyright your work is most suited for, it is always best to consult with a lawyer first.

If you have a question about whether you are able to copyright something, please contact our office for a legal consultation.